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A long, sad and tired mood, talk about the beautiful sentence of tired heart

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★, the most extreme distance in the world is that two people are far away from each other, and they don't know each other. One day, they meet and love each other, and the distance becomes very close. Then one day, no longer in love, the two people who were close together became far away, even farther than before. A long, sad and tired mood, talk about the beautiful sentence of tired heart

★, there is a poem that is the most moving, that is youth; there is a period of life that is the most beautiful, that is youth; there is a scene that is the most beautiful, that is youth. Please do n’t say that youth is exhausted. Maybe your fantasy has been ruthlessly destroyed by reality. Maybe your pursuit has been fruitless, but you should believe that without the breeze of cold wind, where is the spring in all colors? Without hard work, there is no Fruitful? Youth is an unrepentant poem.

★ 、 After walking through the rugged, I know that it is flat; When frustrated, calmly face optimistically; when frustrated, turn lightly and gracefully. We must learn to look for warmth in the haze, to search for light in the dark, to chew a bland life, to experience the scenery of the four seasons, and to get out of our own life.

★, drunk discretion Zen tea, not to mention Qiu Xin, Danyue, You window, overflowing; Su Yan, Qingying, independent leaning. The moonlight was hazy, the bustling curtain came to an end, and a quiver lingered around the blue sky. On the other side, who is playing the rhyme and performing the eternal chant? It is a little bit sorrowful, a little sad, and dappled into heart strands in the deepest memory. The clouds and mist are misty, the past is like the wind, Lantian is warm, and the sea is bright. Misty locks are clear, floating light illusion.

A long, sad and tired mood, talk about the beautiful sentence of tired heart

★, poems, painted on the palm of your hand; half bright, hung between the eyebrows; half sad, hidden in the heart. In the hands, in the eyebrows, in the heart, from the outside to the inside, create a real me without impurities. A long, sad and tired mood, talk about the beautiful sentence of tired heart

★, time is too thin, fingers are too wide. A lot of promises were washed by time, forgotten by myself, and made difficult by reality. If you can achieve one, you won't be so disappointed in yourself. I missed it and would be sorry. Only through the experience. In the best years, don't let down your most beautiful self.

★, life is to face the reality, smile, to overcome obstacles and look at the future; life, to cut the leafy branches on the road of life with the cut of the heart; A big but bright and smiling light show.

★ 、 I like a piece of music for a period of time, and I miss a period of time listening to a piece of music. Sitting for a while remembering the palm prints of another time. What was it like listening to that song at that time? Did we meet at that time? Did we meet or miss it? Or, there was no ending.

★ 、 Although the fireworks are dazzling, they are fleeting. Life is beautiful, but with a few flicks. The world is impermanent, you never know who you will meet in the next second and where you will go. Only living in the moment can make life full of regrets. Don't be sad and full of the past, don't be uneasy about the future, and use a pair of laughing eyes to enjoy every scenery on the way.

★, family relationship is a sturdy umbrella to protect you from the wind and rain; family relationship is a thick cotton coat to protect you from the severe cold; family relationship is a soft bed, you are tired, let you forget fatigue; family relationship is a Dry towel, you cry and wipe away the tears in your heart; family relationship is a cup of sweet iced black tea, and you laugh, making you sweet from your mouth to your heart ...

★ 、 Walk away as you walk away, forget about reading and thinking, tired after watching and watching, and wake up listening and listening. Looking back, I found that you are gone, youth is far away, memories are faded, my heart is empty, and even the world is dark. Everything flows so unpleasantly peacefully, and my years are unknown in my heart.

★ 、 Because of thinking, people will write sad and touching sentences, and because of rich emotions, people will go crazy and want to find it. It's because of a sad glance that people will miss it to this day. It is so sad because you pass by, because you never know, you will try to make you remember the back, such a day, such youth is helpless.

★, countless long pavilions, prisoners will return, the homeland changed leaves. Suckling ducks follow the waves, and when the apples are full, they gnaw together. Eye-catching spring, even more yelling. Si Yi Huan Huan, but his heart has been timid. Bullying Wu Shuang. Hate the stars, but also profit tweezers. Brocade fish, that's hard to read again. The pink fingers still have fragrant marks and are embroidered. How much acacia, frowning thousands of brows.

★, life is a blooming flower, it blooms beautifully, stretches, and is rich and rich; life is a beautiful little poem, fresh and smooth, and long meaning; life is a beautiful music, the rhythm is harmonic-harmonious, melodious; life is flowing The rivers are constantly flowing and rolling forward.

★, the light life will not be tired, in the shallow time, open the heart into a light flower, blooming in life, indifferent does not necessarily have to repair hedges and farms, live in secluded mountains and forests, but live in red dust You can also calm down, you can hear your own voice when you are calm, and then you can stop and laugh at the situation, be insulted, look at Yun Cunyun Shu, take no notice, watch the flowers bloom, life is wind and rain, calm in mind.

★, show a page of old time, let a red dusty heart, gently touch the warmth of Xinxiang away. One inch of thoughts accumulate at the fingertips. At the moment of writing, a hidden sorrow spread across the eyebrows, a red dust encounter, shattered into the most brilliant expression. My frowning mind has always been related to you.

★ 、 Forgetting is our unchangeable destiny. Everything is like misaligned drawings. Everything from the past ca n’t go back to the past. It ’s slowly extended and staggered. Maybe things are staggered. We really Should be forgotten.

★, you went too fast, I began to doubt whether you ever came. If it's just hallucinations, why is the plot so clear? Go, leave, no heartache, just regret. I gradually realized that retention was useless. So I give the freedom I can, so I don't care.

★ 、 The tenderness like water surrounds the verdant green hills; the chrysanthemum petals falling in the autumn wind, whispering the euphemistic songs in autumn, or sad, or euphemistic, or quiet, the sound lingers around your ears, singing In the wind, the lake was wrinkled, and the acacia moon was blown. Years like a song, like a song's anxiety, sounded in my ears and kept in my heart.

★, waiting for you, not a lifetime. The smoke is coming, I'll wait for you at the door. The sun is setting and I am waiting for you by the mountain. The leaves are yellow, I am waiting for you under the tree. Yue Er bends, I'll wait for you at fifteen. The drizzle is coming, I am waiting for you under the umbrella. The running water is frozen, I'll wait for you by the river. Life is tired, I am waiting for you in heaven. We are old, I am waiting for you in the next life……

★, time is like water, things are moving from star to star, many people are going their separate ways, and their whereabouts are unknown. The fate is a magical river, and we paddled in the oars and drove in their respective directions. In the future without an agreement, one day will happen unexpectedly. It's like a past, a year-old opera, an ancient book. Soaked in scented fireworks, washed away by the sad and joyful warmth and warmth of the world, there is still the tranquility of the old farmland in the midst of the bustle.

★, We often lose ourselves in the sea of smoke, and the dazzling fireworks always make you and I dare not breathe freely. Some people say that they fall in love with a city because there is someone they like living in it. In fact, falling in love with a city may be for a vivid scenery in the city, for a period of childhood. We are like falling in love with someone, sometimes without any reason, no cause, nothing to do with the moon, but just love.

★, like to sit quietly on the balcony to watch the night sky, lazily put yourself in the ink, and watch the cold moonlight pouring gently on the pool surface, turning, loneliness is still on the left bank, sadness is still on the right bank. A ray of clear autumn dreams, locked between the eyebrows, circulates in the gap between the red dust, and precipitates in the soft and tender text between the fingers. Did Xiangshou abandon Xiangyi, or fell in love with the bustling? The wind passed, wrinkling a lake of water, crushing a round moon.

★, learn to be strong, be a person with confidence in life, left-handed memory, right-handed years, meet those who should meet, have what you can have, cherish what should be cherished, and when you look back, there will always be a lamp to illuminate our progress Footsteps; there will always be a ray of sunshine to give us warmth; there will always be a smiley face that blooms for us. In the depths of time, hold a light understanding, the intersection of life, wait for flowers to bloom.

★, the spring breeze in February, warm in the daytime, with a little moist smell, blowing on the face, but a bit like the smell of cotton wool on the face; but at night, especially late at night, the sharp Jin, it's a bit like scissors. The night breeze fluttered in the river beach, and the willows on the beach, like drunken wine, vigorously danced to her tender branches.

★ 、 Brilliant is a kind of beauty, solitude is a kind of beauty, liveliness is a kind of beauty, and sadness is also a kind of beauty. It is a different kind of innermost emotional expression and a most natural and authentic display of emotions. nice. In fact, everyone's life is not perfect, so in everyone's life, there will be more or less sad times. Sadness is an inexplicable sadness in the soul, and it is touching.

★ The silk thread of memory is like a spell that entangles me in every rising and falling sun. It reminds me that I can't forget to love you. I remember, I remember, so I was with other people and smiled. I feel guilty, so I walk side by side with others, and feel heavy in holding hands. What do I want to do, cut the threads, and stop binding myself.

★, you see, or do n’t see me, I ’m there, not sad or happy; you read or do n’t miss me, love is there, do n’t come or go; you love, or do n’t love me; love is there, Don't increase or decrease; you follow, or don't follow me, my hand is in your hand, and you will not give up.

★, a song, a love, a lifetime memories. Stroll under the old oak tree by the window. The sad tunes, the sad notes, flowed from the ear like flowing water, and the beating melody was indeed the sorrow and joy of another ordinary life. I remember, I remember, the person who was familiar but already unfamiliar; I remember, I remember the thing that was remembered but was already dusty.

★, Su Zi has poetry: There is a taste in the world is Qinghuan. Luo Mei also said that letting things happen, we are still experiencing a stream of water, and the days we live are just ordinary fireworks. And what we are after is just such faint fireworks happiness, not rich, but durable. Being with you always makes me feel at ease. It seems that even those small emotions that have nothing to do with it become cute, bright and sad. I wish to keep our share of Ukiyo-joi, to keep us alive.

★ 、 We have been traveling, waiting for someone to become our companion, and accompany us through a memory that others cannot replace. There, we have our unique memories, memories of family, flowers of friendship, trees of love, and tears of regret!

★, Jiangshan hissing war horses, the quiet noise in the arms. The wind swept across the world, and Rong Hua thanked the world after he thanked him. Ascend the Nine Dragons Pagoda and watch the meteor night. Back to that moment, the silent years are also scary. Withered vines have sprouts, the time has been gently wiped. Dreaming upstairs and downstairs, standing with your eyes still standing, wipe off the snowflakes from your clothes and look side by side at the vastness.

★ 、 Winter, coming by the autumn wind, it does not have the colorfulness of spring, the rich beauty of summer, and the fruits of autumn. As soon as winter is mentioned, many people immediately think of its cold and depression and its dead grass. In fact, this is the personality of Winter.

★, the lonely flower blooms silently in this beautiful music, fragrant my life, enriched my Hanshu Shuxiang! The sadness of the ink faded in the sound of the rain, and melted in the transparent rain No trace, no shadow, no sound! Only the euphemistic sound of the piano and the quiet sound of the rain complement each other and blend into a glass of strong vintage wine!

★ 、 There is a kind of love, which is as strong as wine. There is a kind of feeling, beautiful and gentle, the trick is like fantasy and dream, it is a cause that transcends cause and effect. Shake all memories, twist and get along, maybe there is love but no love in this world, maybe there is love but no heart in this world. How many feelings can I have in my life? Ask all generations and generations, who can tell? It seems that there is only one person, one dream, and one spirit.

★, turn yourself into dust and settle here. The end of the earth is a distant place I can't watch, and the flowers on the other side are eternity I can't feel. The years of ignorance that passed away in the drift, the childlike bright smile is no longer there. Put your feelings at the bottom of your heart, and don't let the text follow your heart. So, whoever does not hurt me.

★, the memory is like water poured into the palm, no matter if you spread it out or hold it tightly, after all, it will still flow cleanly from the fingers. ------ I forgot which year, month, and day, on which wall I carved a face, a face that was smiling, sad, and staring at me. A long, sad and tired mood, talk about the beautiful sentence of tired heart

★, I don't think that when people grow up, they will become more tolerant and can accept everything. On the contrary, I think it should be a process of gradual elimination, knowing what is most important to me, and knowing what is not important. And then be a simple man.

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