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Burn incense and pray for blessings

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★, burn incense and worship the Buddha. Must the incense be burned to worship the Buddha? Incense, which refers to spices, is a kind of medicine. It is in the form of burning, in the form of invisible gas, and enters the human body through the respiratory tract in the same way as cigarettes smoked by people. It has a chemical effect on the human body. Fragrances made from different raw materials have different effects. It can make people have different effects of calmness, confusion, coma, joy and so on. It can act not only on humans, but also on other organisms, such as mosquitoes.

★ 、 Flick your fingers, a memorable tonight, sing a song, sleepless last night. Hopefully, burn a stick of incense and worship the Buddha. Nodding his head, nodding his head, and dyeing fingers, the back of the hand must be down first, and then the palms are spread out. In one year, when you remember to live, you remember when it was the first day and it was fifteen. In this way, the practice of burning incense in Qingge has been maintained, but the heart and the trees in Qingge are always nostalgic. Winding paths in a small garden, quietness is pure. I regretted it and stayed in the sightseeing tower.

★, leaving the old welcome, the enchanting fireworks, the sound of firecrackers, the sparks of firecrackers, all add joy to the festival. Leaving the Qing Pavilion, it looks like a reclamation tower. Every household would burn incense early in the morning on the first day of the first month of the month and pray prayerfully. Ordinary people light the stove, this custom has continued. If it is to burn into a bundle of incense, it is even more a kind of piety, and it is to be continued every year, to maintain peace, health, and smoothness.

★, different people burn incense for different purposes. People who smoke mosquitoes burn mosquito coils to drive mosquitoes away; people who steal things burn incense to make people faint and steal his things; people who love beauty burn flowers to make themselves happy; thinkers Burning the quiet incense is to think about calming down in one's own heart; practitioners burn the calm incense in order to clear away distractions in order to stay in one's heart; those who worship the Buddha burn the wishing incense in order to ask the Buddha to bless. and many more.

★, in my impression, those who burn incense and worship Buddha should be some old people, and bless their children and grandchildren. I did not expect that the people who came were young people and many were students. You can see how much the pressure and desire of young people living in this bustling city. They do live in this fast-paced city, where talents gather, and want to have themselves. The world is not easy. In my opinion, I need to be calm when worshipping the Buddha, but I ca n’t do it because I ’m not watching. I ’m always watching other people, so I ’m not at ease. There is always a kind of uncomfortable, I ca n’t communicate with the Buddha well. The Buddha can see what I want to say, and that's it.

★ In the view of the Buddhists, the real meaning and purpose of burning incense is to express respect, gratitude, and nostalgia for the Buddha. To dye, to dedicate to life, to realize life, and to do so, naturally blessed and fulfilled. At the same time, in the view of the incense burner, the incense burner can be used to communicate with the soul of the gods, convey your own wishes to the Buddha, and make your own wishes come true. Therefore, in the Buddhist family, there is incense for the Buddha to say: incense can reach people's faith in the Buddha, just like the messenger of the Buddha, so it is called the Buddha envoy.

★ In ancient India, the awakened people were called buddhas to show their supreme respect for them. There are also in China. Confucius, Mencius, Laozi, Zhuangzi, etc. are all enlightened people. The Chinese also give them the supreme honorary title. We call them sages. Chinese traditional culture expresses our respect to the Buddha, to the sages, and to our ancestors in the form of burning incense. We tell them in the form of burning incense, their culture, their spirit, and we are passing on it through practical action.

★, I think that burning incense is a form that has no practical effect. It is to send some profits to the people who make incense, to add some incense money to the temple, and that's it, how can the Buddha add? If it is for the Buddha's enjoyment, isn't it a blatant bribery to the Buddha? In fact, the monk burned the incense to seek Gathering incense; for the blessing of the Buddha, the worldly man burned incense and offered confession, following the rules of worldly wealthlessness, (welcome to log in), and must be required by others, and he equated the Buddha with the master in the door. This is simply a blasphemy against the Buddha! If the Buddha, like some corrupt officials who ate the plaintiff and the defendant, was chased away by money and money, and did not give money and money, would he still be a compassionate Buddha to help and relieve the evil?

★, rich burning incense, what does it mean? This means that most wealthy people like to burn incense to worship the Buddha. Why do we do this? It serves two purposes. One: It means that those who are rich and rich want to make their riches forever by burning incense and praying to Buddha, and the Fulu will enjoy forever! Second: It means that those who are rich are guilty of guilty. It is sought or seized by the means, so their souls will not be peaceful.) I hope that they can obtain the forgiveness of the gods by burning incense and worshiping the Buddha, and do not incriminate themselves. That is, asking for peace. Seek peace of mind.

★ This year, as in previous years, there are so many people burning incense, and the scene is spectacular. Relevant departments have also experienced many years of actual combat, and now have a lot of experience. The on-site public security, armed police, fire control and other departments arranged in an orderly manner, and tourists did not appear in the crowded scene of the past; In front of the tall open-air statue of Guanyin, people knelt down on the ground reverently, burning a scent of candles, hoping to burn away all the troubles of the year and to light the wishes of the coming year.

★, bright windows extend quiet day. Sitting silently on the edge of dust, the imminent meaning is imminent. At that time, Jie Dinghui was a wise man, and my confession was equal to the heavens; The furnace smoke is lonely and lonely. There are thousands of clouds: You go freely, and the wind returns. Shiheng has been there. No change in fumigation: it should be the moon in the water. Burning Incense by Chen Yuyi of the Northern Song Dynasty

★ In life, we always think that burning some incense can satisfy our wishes, and praying for the wishes in front of the Bodhisattva can have some spiritual experience. In fact, many people want to vent their mood in this simple way and burn something? Let the flames burn and illuminate their future. Let those lingering smoke dissipate like the wounded years of the past. People's mood also follows this mood year by year

★, this is not a dream. After dawn, the family woke up, lightened the fragrance, and Xiao Yuanzi went out of the pot, opened the curtains on the balcony, there was a piece of incense ash, and the broken incense of the middle finger joint remained. Someone had already cleaned it, and the ash came in the moment the window was opened. Everything is clear. At this time a voice upstairs said, sorry, the incense fell off in the morning. Burning incense while talking, the high incense burned upstairs, not enough pots to set up, the hazy stroke was quite large, all broke, and it cracked off. He smiled and thought it was leaking? The leak should not spark, and it was indeed burning high incense.

★, devotion, follower of Buddha. Everywhere I met, I met a Buddhist temple, and I became a pilgrim. Now that the traffic is developed, they are all rushing into the running hall, waiting for the first pillar of the New Year, listening to the knock of the bell, and this phenomenon is becoming more and more popular. Last year my family went to Hangzhou. (Welcome to visit) West Lake is also a devout pilgrim. Burning incense, and what kind of money, these incomprehensible words came to the ear. Do n’t speak anything if you have n’t done anything personally. Ask me how much it cost. The peace of the year is not only burned into a bundle of incense on the first day of the first month, but also a few pillars of incense are usually burned.

★, The temple is a place for Buddhists to cultivate their blessings and wisdom. In the ancient times, it was called jungle. The sakyamuni buddha, which is usually worshipped on the temple ’s main hall, is the head of Buddhism, and is respected by Buddhist disciples as world-renowned and master. The real meaning of burning incense is to express respect, gratitude, and nostalgia for the Buddha. To dye, to dedicate life, to realize life. By doing so, naturally Fuhui is full and wants to be successful.

★ 、 So, why do you want to burn incense? Some people say that you can make a wish when you burn incense. If you are sincere, Buddha will bless the person who burns incense to realize their wishes. The so-called sincerity is the spirit, and there is demand. Some people burn high incense, some burn the first incense, some burn the incense of wealth, some people burn the family's peace incense, some burn the gold list title incense, and so on. High incense ★, the whole family fragrance 1 ★, gold list title incense 1 ★, Fortuna incense 688. After the incense is burned, the Buddha and Bodhisattva can bless the person who burns the incense to fulfill the wish. Is this doing business with the Buddha? Not much investment, but want to get tens of millions of returns.

Talk about the strange image of believing in Buddha

Everyday, we must send Bodhicitta to hear the Dharma, "In order to benefit all sufferings in the world from the rebirth, as soon as possible, I come to hear the Dharma." Without hearing the Dharma, we do not know how to think about the Dharma, if we do n’t know how to go Thinking about the Dharma and saying that practicing the Dharma is a joke. If you do not follow Master Gu De to hear the Dharma and ponder the Dharma, you will not be able to practice the Dharma. If you do not practice it, you will have a lot of strange beliefs in Buddhism and Buddhism. For example: grab the incense and bargain with the Buddha. , Panfozhu repairing pulp, going to Putuo Mountain to worship Guanyin and eat seafood, etc.

On the first day of the new year, thousands of people crowded into the temple in order to grab the top pillar incense. Is there any difference between rushing to the front to burn incense and waiting to burn incense at the back? As long as you have devotion, there is no difference in front of the Buddha. But some people broke their heads, even burned their hair and clothes, and their bodies were covered with scars from others' incense, and they rushed forward. On the one hand, they expressed their devotion, and on the other hand, they showed that they knew nothing about Dharma. I think the first one is the most devout, and I have light on my face, so I smoked the temple so badly that I wanted to light candles and burn incense everywhere, but I didn't have a correct attitude to worship the Buddha. Almost everyone kept bargaining with the Buddha and Bodhisattva before putting on the incense, and made their own demands. This is the most typical so-called superstition, and it is also the current status of worship and worship in many places.

Worship pilgrimage

For others, the Foreign Minister must show what he believes to be a Buddhist image, wearing large cotton and linen clothes, and storing a lot of beads and magical instruments. Those who say they learn Buddhism have Buddhist scriptures and books, and those who do n’t study Buddhism also have Buddhist scriptures and books. Those who say they learn Buddhism use mantras to turn beads, and those who do n’t learn Buddha also have their books there all day Buddha beads, whose beads are brighter in the competition. So now people are not joking, saying that Apple will release a new watch applewatch, becoming a new generation of show-off tools, but in China it may be difficult to compare with the beads. In China, the beads are hundreds of thousands of dollars expensive, hundreds or thousands of dollars cheaper. Everyone wears beads, and there is no place to wear Apple Watches. Therefore, the beads are the biggest challengers and competitors of Apple Watches.

Wearing a rosary in your hand has become a symbol of fashion. Wearing a bead is better than wearing a lot of diamonds and gold, wearing a gold bracelet on his hand, and hanging a large string of gold chains on his neck. To the disciples of the Buddha, the sacred beads are counters, not ornaments. Those who do not believe in the Buddha wear a sacred beads, at least have a buddha fate, rejoice in the heart, and let people purify the soul. However, if we have n’t heard about the Dharma, we can have such strange phenomena when we fill the streets with beads and repair mud.

Many people said, "I believe in Buddha! I worship Buddha! I am very religious!" Some others said, "I went to Putuo Mountain for three consecutive years to make a pilgrimage. After that, I must go for three consecutive years ..." to Putuo Mountain Many people will worship the Guanyin Bodhisattva with great compassion and compassion. Many people will go to the opposite Shenjiamen for one night, eat special seafood, and search online for which seafood is delicious and which restaurant is fresh. Go for a night and fill your stomach with the seafood that was originally alive. The next day I went up the mountain with the so-called devotion, went to see the Guanyin Bodhisattva, burned a few candles and lighted some incense in front of the Guanyin Bodhisattva, and then told the Guanyin Bodhisattva there, "I worship you with devotion, I hope you Bless me, find a good companion, have children, raise a fortune, and so on. "When I finally left, I was reluctant to live there. It would not be easy to stay for another night, so I would eat more seafood and go back.

Burn incense and pray

We can simply think, who is the Buddha? Be the parents of all beings. You dissect his children alive, cook them alive, fry them alive, roast them and steam them to eat them, and then tell their parents the next day, "I'm very kind to you, I'm sincere to you Yes, I need your blessing. "Do you think the bodhisattva can bless you? When you meet the Bodhisattva, you have to make a lot of sins, which you do n’t know yet, or knowingly committed. True Buddhists do not do such things. Now the so-called believers, a group of people who do not understand the Dharma, believe in and worship the Buddha in a self-righteous manner, which is ignorance and ignorance.

Many of them are educated people, and many are officials, businessmen, professors, entrepreneurs, etc., but they do n’t know anything about Dharma. They think that worshiping Guanyin and worshiping Guanyin and eating seafood and eating seafood are not related in any way. . Where can you eat? It is impossible to run to the Guanyin Bodhisattva to dissect his children to eat, and ask the Bodhisattva to bless it. The karma will appear faster. But now many people are doing this kind of thing, not enough time to do it, but also to do so for three consecutive years.

It can be seen that if you do n’t really listen to the Dharma, you wo n’t understand the Dharma, which will cause a lot of strange and so-called ways of belief and produce strange phenomena of faith. In fact, these are superstitions. Without Wen Si, how do you practice? Therefore, we must give ourselves the opportunity to smell the Dharma. (Text: Zu Guyan Class)

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