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How to pass the exam

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1. You have your background. I have my story. It's not very hard, but don't touch it.

2. I always wait for you to come to me first, because I'm sure you won't bother me then.

3, Hong Yan died before old-fashioned, Twilight ink stained Yujun painting evening. Burst of tears at the end of the rain, laughing and sighing.

4. I thought I had forgotten the memories, and I never thought that the memories were already ingrained in my heart.

5. Some people used to say nothing, but in the end, they had nothing to say.

6, you always like to use those rich words to whitewash those hidden secrets.

7. I will never remember all that you have about you and I learn to forget all the past.

8. Donate blood for the first time, for nothing else, properly accumulate virtues and do good deeds to save more blessings for future generations! !!

9. I am sick and have a cold, I really want to cry. There are many things, but I haven't done much, I feel very bad.

10, thinking about returning to his hometown, Jun Heyan stayed and sent to the other party? -Cao Yu's "Yan Ge Xing"

11. When a person gets sick in the city, then I know that my family is okay. If I feel uncomfortable in the middle of the night, I have to get up and solve it myself?

12. No matter how ugly I like it, I want it to be as beautiful as I don't like it.

13, in love, there is always a protagonist and a supporting role, the tired is always the leading role, the injured is always the supporting role.

14 、 Singing on the string, thinking of poetry and tears, and a thousand lines of unspeakable past, paved a sad chapter in the lonely text.

15, even if it will be difficult to give up, how can we say good at this moment do not blame each other.

16. When your tears can't help coming out, open your eyes wide and don't blink!

17. Only after the exodus leaves, can we reapply the traces of time left in our hearts.

18. Love is a one-way street like time, always wanting a lot, but getting too little

19. I love you not to bring you home, but to let you wear a white wedding dress for me

20. Ideals are like underwear. Although you have them, you cannot prove that you have them.

21. Time is always an onlooker. All processes and results need to be undertaken by ourselves.

22. I think that in the future, when I meet the past self, I don't know who I was before.

23. I'm slow and don't like to talk. If I am passionate about you, it means that you are important.

24. Looking at your photos, I was so impulsive that I wanted to be black and white directly on the wall

25. I know that it is not so important that I have nothing, so I never expect others to treat me well.

26. Women see naive men as naive, and men see naive women as simple.

27. Sometimes we forgive someone, not really forgive him, but we don't want to lose him.

28. You may be just one person, but for someone, you are the world.

29. Used to the days of strong smiles, but not used to missing you

30. Don't say love easily at the beginning of the cross. You shouldn't bear these sadness and helplessness.

31. A good friend is going to buy something and get engaged tomorrow. I am very envious but I still wish her happiness

32. It's not that it's not warm. It's just that it's afraid to be incompatible with this cold world.

33. Every class teacher has this super ability: I heard you talking in the office.

34. It hasn't bubbling for a long time. Let's bubbling today, plus I cook the food myself.

35. There is nothing outside the heart, just watch the flowers bloom in front of the court;

36. They flew hand in hand like two little birds, flew across the wild, into the village, and to the compound.

37. The warmth of love passed me by, all the happiness gradually left me, it really missed me.

38. Do you think my second reply is just a coincidence? Then you must not know that my eyes hurt.

39. Unhappy state of life: physically embracing, encountering Sabie, troubled by money, not happy? .

40. Weak people can no longer afford the frustrations of years. Can they live simply and happily?

41. The imaginary world is vast and unforgettable. Meet the host to leave a smile, not true, so why not.

42. I was ready to spend the rest of my life with you only in my teens. How big is your charm.

43. All luck and coincidence are either doomed by God or they are secretly working hard.

44. My male god called me a daughter-in-law. So happy. I finally waited.

45. Obviously don't want to give up, but have already given up; confusing the decaying heart with some weak words.

46. Life is like being raped. If you can't resist, then enjoy it. Fuck his uncle's life, it hurts

47. Actually, the words I love you are simple! Love is with you and me-

48. When playing in the field and sincerely guarding, there will always be a clear dividing line in my heart.

49. It's raining again in the north. What's wrong this year? ? I hope the rainy season in the north ends soon.

50. Remembering the childishness of asking me for a kiss on the street, but it's been a long, long time.

51. Cry if you want to cry, laugh if you want to laugh. It is not necessary because the world is hypocritical.

52. A person who really deserves to love and knows how to return to love will naturally make love simple.

53. I recall a lot of things. As for the past, it seems that only ambiguous marks remain.

54. It is only long-term camouflage that makes it difficult for others to find the deep wounds inside them.

55. It ’s equal to waiting, I have already waited, but I do n’t care, I already care

56, only listen to the words of brothers to play with their own women. Do you say you qualify for a man?

57. I love these little things of the young girls recently. It is so simple to please myself. My mood is as bright as the weather.

58. It is not necessarily the best to be able to live together, but it must be the most suitable.

59. Loneliness and noise are intolerable. If I must endure, I would rather be alone.

60. The bravest thing in the world is to smile and listen to you saying that I did something wrong in our love ...

61. I missed you that time, and then you called and said you dreamed of me, I'm still smirking now

62. Believe that the ugly girl also has spring. Couldn't you know that Rongyuan was also a flower?

63. It's not that I'm not gentle, but that I haven't seen Russia pay to Deer at all.

64, girls with large chests have neuropathy, because the peripheral nerves are necrotic, and the upper part of the baby is enlarged.

65. I put away a tired smile tiredly and bent down to touch his face. Gently stroked over and over.

66. The only way to let yourself go is to have the following nine words: eat, eat, sleep, and love who.

67. I'm not sure of my direction, but I hope I can go further

68. Dissatisfaction with yourself is one of the fundamental characteristics of any truly talented person.

69. We have a school in elementary school and the same class in junior high school and high school. I love him, he loves me, and we will be happy.

70. It's not that you love me for a lifetime, but why have you been deceiving and concealing even while in love?

71. The shameless man in the world only promises women that they will never fulfill their promises;

72. Dazzlingly damp and shady, I can't get rid of my fragility.

73. You have nothing to hold me back. Because you never thought of me deep inside.

74. Leave the shadows of each other and take away the buds of Acacia, except for the green postal road, which contains the missing thoughts.

75. I am willing to give you everything, except to let you know that my heart is like a knife cut

76. A wave of generations in the city, Wu Gongkong remembered his family. Xiao Xiao is next to the girl in the east.

77. After the uncle's home, the basket became so high, when did the tree that climbed become small!

78. Don't calm down and sink down, nothing about Niu X will miss you.

79. I pretend to be strong in front of you, but I don't want you to see my joke.

80. No matter what it feels like to cry, laugh, curse or something else, it's always good to have a feeling!

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