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1. When you are sad, I hope I can be by your side and do my best to make you laugh. .

2. If I were a fish, how good it is, I have no temperature, no mood, no ... feelings

3. If it was not obtained willingly, there would be an unwilling smile.

4. Like is an instinct and an instinct; but love requires learning.

5.Thank them because the existence of these people feels warm like a glance

6, love is a feeling, has nothing to do with the length of time. The relationship between people lies in the truth, and the relationship between love lies in the heart.

7. One person, one dream, with this heart in mind; two people, one drama, the only one in this life;

8. Sometimes it's difficult because I can't put up another person, and I don't want to put in new arms.

9. In real life, you have to bow your head to admit defeat and don't want to just climb up desperately.

10. The disgusting blood donation by the school has donated blood to me every year because of the non-academic system.

11. We can quarrel, but not affect the relationship. Whether friendship or love!

12. I would rather be a woman in a man's pile than a brain in a woman's pile.

13. I don't want to see you anymore. Is it against my will or just a moment of anger?

14. In order not to let people see that I am not strong, I have to live like a stimulant every day.

15. Since you can't get it, just let it grow. Young sorrow is the garden through which life must pass.

16. It's too late to go into dreams and wonder whether insomniacs are one-on-one.

17. If you are not destined to give me the response I expect, then I will stay out of the safe distance.

18, the sun goes down tomorrow morning and still climbs up, I tanned is still handsome next year.

19 things, but still dazzled by its colors, feel all the mystery and beauty of life

20. Dear yourself, don't cry, don't think, forget him, and live your life well.

21. You praise me for being poison-free, but do you know that you won't be afraid of anything after Wan Jian penetrates your heart.

22. Some things are not unwilling, but just too confused in the red dust.

23. People who have moved their true feelings will be moody and angry.

24. In order to keep my children from losing on the starting line, I will give him a Q now.

25. If you want to stand and do nothing, then you must stand very high, very high.

26. Seriously, don't care too much about a person, that will only kill you.

27. Do you know that my loneliness for centuries is only for you, and the love song waiting for you is only for you.

28. A happy day is a day of pain. A day is a day. There is no need to live a hard life. It's enough to be angry for a while.

29. When you are most injured, it is often your strong starting point. Be nice to yourself and everything will pass.

30. Watching you laugh with her, how can you feel my heartache.

31. Sorry, I really can't pretend to have a good impression on someone I don't like.

32. Love is not living in the memory of the past, but every bit of ordinary life.

33. There is no memory, no pain, no sadness, no past, and only hope for myself.

34. Don't miss a beautiful tomorrow that should belong to you because you stay in an unhappy past.

35, far away to Qingkong thinking of his family, watching the moon and sigh alone! Hongchen Moke is all affectionate, and the rest of his life is willing to be happy!

36. Taking steps one step at a time, I found that I had made a circle and returned to the origin, and I couldn't keep up with your steps.

37. The most distressing thing is that we are so strange that we have begun to ponder over the words repeatedly.

38. The lonely figure only knocks into the castle accompanied by the bell, but it cannot knock into your heart

39. Only the rest of the youth can squander, you really have nothing.

40. Missing is a passionate beach, turning my thoughts into warm blessings, and sending them to you in the distance.

41. Don't be humbled for love, nor do you feel wronged. He is good but you are not bad.

42. Accompanying children to study and grow up is an individual, and to grow up with children is a talent.

43. Don't buy anything with obvious signs, such as Nike's Adidas.

44. As long as I have a friend who can borrow my umbrella on a rainy day, how about you?

45. When you suddenly do not reply to my message, I always comfort myself, it's all right, you are probably dead.

46. The words hidden in my heart are not deliberately concealed, but I know well that all pain can be shouted without saying.

47. The wound on my body is getting bigger and bigger. That's because there is always a hill and he keeps spraying salt on my wound.

48. Come to me when you miss me, don't lose face, you know what kind of character I am, and you will bow my head when you speak.

49. Maybe I haven't had nightmares for a few years. I was awakened by nightmares yesterday night and couldn't sleep for a long time.

50. A girl who cleans herself is white, self-reliant is rich, and both internal and external is beauty.

51. The saddest thing in life is not that there is no lover but that there is not even a friend who drinks and chats. ]

52, we love so much but love so far apart, only the memories are still fighting

53, I can give you face with a smile, or stand up and fan your mouth.

54.Every woman has a prince in her heart who would rather be proud of mildew than humble love

55. No matter how long time passes, you are still the person I miss most after being drunk

56. Success is not necessarily the most beautiful. The most beautiful is often only regrets.

57. I want to put a lock on you and lock me in your heart. If others can't get in, I can't get out.

58. Girls like to wear beautiful clothes for boys, but boys always like girls who don't wear clothes.

59. Compared with this world, our grief is just a moan without pretending to be sick.

60. People who really like it can't be friends. Because a few more glances, I still want to have.

61. Finally, I see! It turns out that this is also a kind of love, but just can't stand the wait ...

62. Don't always be wronged because you have accommodated others. Few people in this world deserve to bend over.

63. I freeze my love for you gently, and when I return, I will deliver it to you.

64. It is inevitable that people will make mistakes and be misunderstood. We must know how to calmly solve this misunderstanding with appropriate methods.

65. He accompanies me when the baby is born! It was me alone during the review! Can strangers comfort me?

66. If you say now that you miss me, believe it or not, I can return to you immediately and I love you. .

67, good friends are like this-I will help you when you fall but wait for me to laugh first *

68, I just want to cross the sky above you with you, like crossing forever

69, you severed me with a knife, fatal. Blame my life, I ca n’t die, I ’m seriously injured!

70. If we have the courage to say goodbye, life will also give us a brand new start.

71. Don't say anything, I'm making you sad, you're tired, you're annoying

72. Wandering in the world of thorny bushes, reaching out but only holding the falling lotus leaves.

73. A long time, a long promise, a long young man left in memory.

74. The most painful thing in life is that the person you secretly love is talking to her in front of you.

75. Why is your eyes full of guilt, this guilt makes my heart sink a little bit

76. When we were young, we gave up, thinking that it was just a relationship, and later we learned that it was actually a lifetime

77.- I can't tell whether you're a friend or possess even the most basic conversation.

78. You are the first lover of the last lover of my year. I love you. The true lover from life to life

79. My life was originally a coffee table. With more of this tune you turned it into a tableware.

80. After the first person overthrows your feelings, you can only add some water to the second person.

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