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Departure mood phrase today

Time: December 21, 2019 Editor: Talking Network

1. On a sunny morning, start with a bowl of fragrant green egg noodles.

2. It turned out that you only borrowed from me, but I mistakenly thought that you were a rainbow descending from the sky.

3, Hou and Hou's love is often hard to come by, because their love is a century apart.

4. What you are looking for is just the flowers on the other side, blooming inaccessible elsewhere.

5. In my memory, keep the smile at that time. The most beautiful rainbow in the world.

6. There must be another me in the world; doing what I want to do; living the life I want; ta really happy;

7. I am a very principled person. After all, my principle of being a person is only three words, depending on my mood.

8. When I am tired, all I need is a hug and a dependency,

9, so you see with all your eyes and all distances like the wind has stopped

10, in love, women do not need to be so sexy and sexy, you just need to understand and duty.

11. I have been waiting for you at the original intersection and I dare not leave because I am afraid you will not find me when you return.

12. Your departure will hurt my muscles and move my bones, and my blood will bleed and my heart will ache.

13. Narcissistic people are all lovely. Because of narcissism, they know more about love.

14. Even if I am not happy, I have to laugh happily. I live well and don't worry. . .

15, the end is inevitable, the wind changed direction but did not change anything, blowing my strands of hair.

16, life should be like a computer Kaka stop, so that there is a sense of bumps.

17. The mood is as cool as the weather. When you are disappointed, sleep more. It will warm up when you wake up. ?

18. When I have been in contact with people for a long time, I have become more and more fond of dogs. Dogs are always dogs, and people are sometimes not people.

19. The day and night after the busy day is to make you better rest and adjust to meet a new tomorrow.

20. Will the love engraved behind the chair, like the flowers on the cement, open a windless, lonely forest?

21. The sorrow of life is that when you want to cut a knife with two ribs, there is only one knife.

22. I find my loneliness very gentle and considerate, and will accompany me anywhere.

23. When I say I like you, will you hold me back and say, "Fuck, don't say it early

24. Food is praying: "Let me eat all the food in the world, but I will not gain weight"

25. Pursuing love, and then discovering that love has never been a thousand times.

26. Prepare to bring this heavy thought into poison, coexist with life, and die with death.

27. Old friends and old friends, I hope that our relationship, such as that toughened glass, let it be a few tons of shells, can't break.

28. You are the one who really doesn't like me and I really love you

29. You are simple, things are simple; things are simple, and the world is simple.

30. You are the most beautiful scenery in my life, but you just let her stay.

31. Every sentence has a finite period, and the deadline is not in time, it is the limit of emotion

32. To the world, maybe you are alone, but to me, you may be the whole world.

33. Reality tells us. What's the matter? Nothing, do n’t have money. Don't be emotional. .

34. Let one person bear the loneliness! No need to pass on your sorrow to others

35. In the next life, I will make a tooth for you. At least, I feel uncomfortable and you will also hurt.

36, the palmist looked at the tears in his eyes, but he was speechless and condensed.

37, I only care about you, whether you believe it or not, it always makes you unhappy, I'm really sorry.

38. The happiest thing in the world is to find someone who likes your true face.

39. If I like you, would you like me? If I love you, will you love me.

40. Shi Huai said too much to become true. Maybe time is an antidote, but also the poison I am taking now.

41. When you especially want to cry, look at the blue sky. Are you particularly disappointed and sad.

42. You are the reason why I refuse to break up with sadness and parting love songs, we are just happy.

43. Since I've been in love, if you don't take the initiative and I don't take the initiative, then you really have come to an end.

44. I am most afraid of the sudden loss of your news, and the most afraid of the world suddenly becoming quiet, but I cannot lie to myself.

45. I haven't bothered you for a long time because I don't know if you care about my active chat.

46. Many people are double-sided, sometimes sunny and sometimes silent.

47. This is a real society. Don't take your fairy tale here to tell a story.

48. The punishment for being lazy is not only your own failure, but also the success of others.

49. There is a bottom line to loving someone, so please don't deliberately violate my bottom line

50. Is there anyone who makes you red eyes, but you smile and forgive.

51. I miss you, but I can't tell you, like a rainbow in the sky, no one can touch it forever.

52.-In the end, the Russians have nothing. Some are just drunk

53. Afraid of the deviation between pursuit and dream, I am afraid that there is no passion and courage to pursue dream.

54. I am a teenager. I can only pass through your youth and cannot stay in your life forever.

55. Don't always be nostalgic for the past, yesterday's sun will never dry today's clothes.

56. I never forgot how I used to, but now I think it's not a big deal.

57. After working hard on this relationship, I found that it was so muddy when I looked back.

58. In fact, being happy is simple, as long as you dare to show your teeth!

59. Happiness asked for leave, where is drifting; if not lost, how can it be sad?

60. You will always be the protagonist because you know how to please me. I look at it and sit in the corner. I'm easier to silence.

61. Open your tired eyes, smile slightly, and keep working hard. I will certainly arrive in a happy distance.

62. When all efforts are covered by sadness, only sadness and despair remain.

63. It is impossible for the wound to disappear by the comfort of others. In the end, I still have to bear it by myself.

64. You do n’t smell, do n’t ask, it does n’t hurt, and it does n’t hurt.

65. I don't have a lifetime, but I can give you the brightest smile of my life.

66. You will never be able to appreciate the pride of being weak when I hid in a woman's arms while crying.

67. A person who is used to accepting and being loved does not know the sadness and longing of the person who gives it.

68. The past will never return, and the return will never be like the past.

69. You understand that a person's life is neither as good or as bad as people think. -Maupassant

70, I'm just a child, please don't put too much pressure on me, I can't breathe

71. All the pasts you think you can't live with will pass, including the fact that I love you.

72. Taste the hardships of life, you can open the Land Rover If you are not strong enough, you can only drive Xiali,

73. The children ’s future milk powder snacks are all things that the child does.

74. Walking around the horizon to watch Baishou, a snowstorm came late, the lights were gone, and the storm was laughing again.

75. I increasingly believe that everyone who comes to your life has its own meaning

76. Arranged a long and careful date, and when he was near, he answered that there was no time.

77. Why did you leave the field like a walk-and-go trip, but my departure was embarrassing as the field fled.

78. I saw and heard stories from various people. The more I see and the more I hear, the more I understand impermanence.

79. Why is my non-lemon more sour than lemon, and why is my non-mint colder than mint?

80. Why am I more handsome than Wei Xiaobao, but I just can't live his life.

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