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Sentences for small things

Time: December 21, 2019 Editor: Talking Network

1. I'm not a gale or spirits. I only have tea. Would you like to leave?

2. No happiness, smile is still there. Without childhood, the fairy tale is still there.

3. There is no space, no time, no people, no encounter.

4. Your back looks so indifferent in the moonlight and wants to hug you,

5. Men do n’t want to be heroes, women do n’t want to smile.

6, enjoy the different wonderful. Look at it another way, live it another way.

7, seeing you cry, my heart was crushed, the darker the night, the more ambiguous I feel.

8. Take your fake mask and your lover out of my sight.

9, you are still so cruel, you can leave me alone.

10. Seeing that you don't know how to speak, turn your head away and pretend to ignore your existence.

11. Please ask God to quietly take me out of here and head to heaven.

12. I want to lie on the sunflower, even if depressed, can face the sun.

13. Is it your usual style to be habitually owned and abandoned?

14. Happiness is on my left, but I'm not left-handed and can't catch you.

15. What girlfriends grab a boyfriend? Just kidding, I have no girlfriend at all.

16. No matter how much you like each other. If you don't love me, you won't get in the way.

17. Don't say goodbye after leaving, because there is no possibility of goodbye

18. Feelings are dispensable for women, not as important as life

19. I don't know I ever liked you so hopelessly.

20, a very tired personality signature says: I love you never stop_ you love me never started

21, don't eat the pot in the bowl, just hold the pot to eat more peace of mind.

22. I pretend that everything doesn't matter, although I've worked hard.

23. Am I thinking too much? Is there still too much I didn't expect?

24. The lifetimes that have been said are only temporary promises.

25. Some people are obviously afraid of losing everything, but always do what they lose.

26. I lost my confidant for you, forgot about myself, and finally even lost you

27. Sometimes I really want to be tired like a computer, just format it.

28. I have too many feelings to share with others. I can only bury it in my heart.

29. I'm an orphan in character, I don't know how to please, and it is no wonder that everyone has left me.

30. As we grow older, it is even more impossible to love someone with love.

31. Sometimes, an apology is a foreshadowing for another offense in the future.

32. Music, in the end is the continuation of sadness, or the beginning of happiness.

33. The world is a huge baby catching machine. I am lying on the glass and only want you inside.

34. You must not know that I like you without hope.

35. I can't give you anything but sincerity, but you don't want to.

36. Many times, things that we cannot change ultimately change us.

37. The more serious the child is, the worse he loses, because you cannot forget it

38. People always grow up, perhaps because of external reasons, or maybe by themselves.

39. If one day we are not together, we must be together.

40. Since this is not the life you want, why not let go

41. Sometimes I really want to pretend that I don't know anything. Maybe my heart will hurt less.

42. When the scar marks began to outline Sheng's regret, Lu Yiyi co-exaggerated the sadness.

43. In this way, I found myself. It turned out that I was excellent, and even more valuable,

44. What you thought you completely forgot, in fact it has been deeply hidden in your heart

45. Maybe if I didn't care so much, I wouldn't be so nervous.

46. I used to love one person before. Now love one person and keep it in my heart.

47. Lost your days, the Buddha ’s heart is empty, and life is meaningless and empty

48. When a girl puts on high heels for the first time, she has changed.

49. Seeing you holding someone's hand, my heart is broken, but I still show myself strong

50. The blue sky after being separated from you is dark and the fresh air is bitter

51. I am gone, far away from you ... not loving you is my last self-esteem.

52, dreams do not wake up, hand in thin clothes, helpless Shuangyan returns to pass the chill

53. I am optimistic but never smile, I am sad but never cry.

54. Life is like peeling an onion. There is always a slice that will make you cry. . . . .

55. I once held your hand in your arms and now it is just a passerby.

56. When you wear a mask, you say I am hypocritical, take off the mask and ask who I am.

57 Sorry, I have asked too much, take your good for me for granted

58. Happiness is nothing but a mirror, and love is nothing more than a vanity.

59. I am the moon, and I need you, a cosmic star, to surround me

60. You don't understand my heart at all, you just know that I am fragile and cry.

61. I treat you as my closest lover, but you treat me as the most familiar stranger.

62. One song is not changed in this life, the Tao has done all the sadness and miss for you

63. When I wake up, I will not open my eyes because I am afraid that tears will slowly eat away my mood

64. If you hold the past too tightly, how can you free up your hands to embrace the present

65. Worry, where is the widowed, and where is the peace? Why tears fall into dust

66 、 Stand up thinking about smoke and think about a problem, and find that there are many stories about smoke

67. The injuries you give can never be wiped out and remain in the memories forever.

68. Suddenly found that I love you like a fool, but you love her like a lunatic

69. Do you know parallel spacetime? Maybe we are together in parallel space-time.

70. May those who have missed meet again after experiencing the displacement.

71, Libashan Xiqi world. —— Xiang Yu's Song of Her Majesty

72. In the wear and tear of annual rings, sadness and joy are precipitated, but a layer of irrevocable sentiment rises.

73. I'm always worried about who I lose, now think about who will worry about losing me

74. You never noticed that you always held me with your right hand, but your heart beat on the left.

75. Man will become, keep an unchanging promise, but cannot keep a fickle heart.

76. On the steep peak, my love was engraved.

77. If you want the sunshine to bring surprises into the night, reaching out and hugging will inevitably cause burns.

78, the people in love are confused, not too sure that you love me forever

79. The idea of breaking in one hit is not a dream, and people who break in one hit don't deserve a dream.

80. The fate of a person is not something that can be mastered by himself. There are too many fate.

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