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Sentimental love sentence sad

Time: December 22, 2019 Editor: Talking Network

1. The rest of my life is too long, it is too difficult to forget you, the relationship is too short, and the love is too difficult.

2, the same season, the same night, the same street, but unfortunately, without you.

3. I am looking for my love, but I am wrong, you are not

4. Sudden cold and hot is like the frozen heart in winter that is frosted with cold hands.

5. I have never participated in your past. I want to have your future all the time.

6, no matter how struggling, it is the most ordinary person in this city.

7. I walked all the way like this, and went on like this alone.

8. You didn't say a word about breaking up, I'm still planning to marry you.

9. I am not prejudiced against you. I hate you from the bottom of my heart.

10. We love someone, maybe we love ourselves in love

11. I also have a boy who likes it very much, but unfortunately I lack the courage to confess.

12. Don't look back after leaving, you must know that you will be stabbed again.

13. I have been to several cities and have several addresses, as if I could hear you.

14. I am a lonely patient. When I am alone, I am just a patient.

15. No one can stop me. I just can't let myself go.

16. Maybe I become numb because there are too many passers-by in my life.

17. The happiness you seek is not far away. He is the way you have been walking.

18. You said you would take my hand to the end of the world, but you left me halfway

19.I always feel that the speed at which a person responds to me is directly proportional to the degree of concern for me

20, what is wrong with myopia. At least won't make me see the world too clearly

21. Just blame it is always too far away, so I can never reach the end

22, eating sugar every day, in order not to let yourself feel sad.

23. A true hero, even if history can't remember, he still smiles and goes against the sky.

24. The supporting role also has a chance to appear, but you erased the code that belongs to me.

25. What can I do to make you miss me? Is it in your heart?

26. It ’s like two-hundred-and-eight-five thousand in front of me, so put up POSE and force it!

27. The first person to say forever is always to let go first, and nothing will last forever

28. I have been following you. But you are running fast. I'm lost.

29. There is a feeling that is more painful than a broken heart, and that is to take care of yourself

30. If I had known that time would make people forget the pain, I should have been longer.

31. Loneliness isn't born, it's the moment you fall in love with someone.

32. When you believe a person, you give him a knife.

33, I hope that time will no longer flow, so that everything stays at the moment of embracing.

34. One day you will remember that girl who obeys you everything.

35. Maybe the person you love is not me, but I will silently support you.

36. The ending without a story is wonderful, but it is also hard to forget.

37. Keep in mind that every day is the perfect day of the year.

38. I accidentally touched the excitement of others, but I was even more alone.

39. If the whole world can give up, at least there is you worth me to cherish

40, the bustling times, just for you. Cang Shui-yu, just unloading armor for you.

41. When I know, I'm wrong, it's too late. I want to know when you forgive me?

42. Loving someone means helping him return to himself, making him more of himself.

43. Seeing the flowers blooming in front of the lotus root, stunned by glory and shame, and looking at the clouds and clouds, it is unintentional

44. The past is the album, and at certain times, pages are presented in front of the eyes.

45. Dazed because I miss you, sad because I don't want to lose you.

46. Rain said that the sky would shed tears, coffee said that life should be used to bitterness, and I said that I was tired now!

47. After the wind blows away, the hoarse people will not go home after all.

48. Recalling that I had nostalgia for the wounds I had suffered, and the dark blue sky seemed to hurt Han, who is still watching.

49. People who think they have unforgettable memories may have forgotten them.

50. Some roads, going down, will be very painful and tired, but if you don't go, you will regret it.

51. The mountains showing clouds are suspended like clusters of islands.

52. Wearing red underwear outside is Superman, and I can't be Batman if I wear black underwear outside.

53. Habit to keep yourself because only then will the heart not hurt when leaving

54. I can't buy a ticket back to last year. So please forget me.

55. Everyone has their own habits. My habit is to wait for your news.

56, you are not me, how do you know the path I have traveled, sad and happy

57. If the piano loses Bai Jian, will it only play sadness and parting forever?

58. My love for you never stops, it's just that I no longer let others know. .

59. Fortunately, there was your warm atrium, and the light you left was still shining.

60. Learning is not the only way out, but you do n’t even have a way out if you do n’t learn

61.Close your love, close your love, and just leave yourself sad

62,-Seeing you is like seeing the small green vegetables on the market, the dime is a lot.

63. Encounter is a kind of beauty, like a small town towards the night, reflecting the gorgeous sunset.

64. Only the liar in the world is sincere, because he really lied to you

65. When I undressed and walked in front of you, I realized that I was a joke.

66. I learn to be quiet and sad, and learn to squander all past traces into the text.

67. It's so hot in the summer, so why not forget one?

68. Even if we break up, we are still hurting each other. Don't contact us anymore?

69. I can cover up my emotions well and secretly feel sad.

70. One kind of fate always believes in "eternal" after waking up.

71. You even told her that we will never break up, am I still jealous?

72. Suddenly remembered that the taste of the wine is good. Would you like to drink?

73. I still believe in love, but I will never believe that love can last forever.

74. If you want to hear what you told her, my persistence will collapse.

75. If we continue to love you, will we be happy as we are now.

76. A long time ago I was alone, a long time ago I am still alone

77, toothache can be pulled out, stomach pain can take medicine, can you dig in my heart.

78. I also understand how sad it is my greatest comfort. ——Chen Huilin

79. Don't wait for me to give you up completely before you come back and say how much you can't let go of me.

80. You can use a band-aid if your hand is bleeding and injured.

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