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Sentimental and lyrical, sorrowful sentences

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★ 、 Who said that the beautiful scenery can be very long and long enough to warm the coldness of people's hearts, but why in the end it is one side of the sky? When two people are on the stage and only one person is solo, all hope is frozen, There can no longer be a moving melody in the passionate strings. My thoughts can only set foot on the lonely coast. The hurt person can only quietly experience the gentleness left in the lonely city, facing the mottled pieces. Shadow, mourning a bleak sound. Sentimental and lyrical, sorrowful sentences

★, I would like to know, do you occasionally think of the day when you cut candlelight with me in the Yuxuan window that year? Do you occasionally think of the day when I spent the last month with me chewing flowers? Occasionally, I remembered the days when I shared my paintings with the curtains of my pavilion? Will I return to the love as beautiful as fireworks like me?

★ 、 Gently open the notepad of those years. In those years, because of you, I heard the sound of roses; because of you, I began to believe that the only thing in love; or because of you, In my life came a guest appearance on that unparalleled beauty, but in the end I was confined to the cage of memories and lived in the empty lonely empty city. I, nowhere to go, the broken intestine, the light dance under the moon, tightly linked to the ten fingers shadow, has become a luxury hope. Bowing down, I want to continue another "Mountains and Flowing Water", but I can do whatever I can to continue the melodious yesterday.

Sentimental and lyrical, sorrowful sentences

★, Once, accidentally, those good days quietly slipped away from me. Nowadays, when I think about it, I can still wake up in a dream. I understand that the most beautiful time in love is every minute and second with you! Ronghua rich and rich is not what I think, luxury is not what I love, all I want is to live with you for a long time.

★ 、 Love is blind, but love also requires reason. You must understand that in addition to love, you also have a lot, such as family, friendship, etc. Even if you have love, you ca n’t put all your body and soul into love. You should have your own hobbies, your friends, your own work, and that kind of you is the real you and the one he loves. That kind of love can last longer, be more harmonious, and be happier. Sentimental and lyrical, sorrowful sentences

★ 、 Your happiness Your happiness is not originally attached to a certain person. If there is only the other person in your world, you are happy with each other ’s happiness, and you are sad with each other ’s sadness, then you are no longer you , You have become an accessory of the other party, then you have lost your right to happiness. Even if you are no longer the person you loved, it is difficult to guarantee whether the other person will love you as always.

★ 、 Looking back, I worked together for 1 year, saying that long is not long, short is not short, and you on the other side see me smiling in the flowers? Yes, that is the joy that blooms for you, smiles for you The corner of your mouth is also the key that opens the window of your soul. Snoring softly, let love live in the empty city, face the wind, and miss the four seasons because of this ...

★, I like to hold your hand, go to the bustling street corner, walk into the fashion store, wear different styles of clothing, the first time is for you to give me a reference, you always said with a smile: "Wife is in good shape It looks good on everything. "I know you're cheering me up, but I still like to hear you say something to please me. In the past, I always thought that it would be better to have a girl with me when I was shopping, but now I think having a boyfriend is better than anything. No wonder my colleagues would say that I am a guy who values both sex and friend. Hope my buddies can be considerate to me!

★ 、 I can't forget the time I used to paint with ink brushes for you, I can't forget to hold a willow with you and Liu Xingshui with you; I can't forget to cut a period of time with you I look forward to the warmth, I can't forget the cardamom heads that stand with Du Mu together with you, write on paper, take paper as my journey, visit the boundless shadows of the fairy, and look for the ancient vicissitudes of the old Han and Tang dynasties ... I can't forget everything about you, all. (Transfer from: yccamarina.com)

★, obviously said to look away, let go, but always always unconsciously think of the person who gives warmth. I always saw the reality while smiling and intoxicated, thought of the pain, and then the cold feeling could no longer be warmed up. My heart is finally tired after such repetition, this is the reality. I used to be drunk, but finally woke up, I was walking, but I couldn't find my way.

★ 、 If you are not happy, if you are unhappy, let go; if you are reluctant, if you cannot let go, then you are suffering. I now know that if you do n’t know a person, you can still love him; I now understand that if you do n’t love a person, you can still miss him; some people appear unexpectedly and surprise you unexpectedly. It was wrong to think that he is the god of your life and can save the thirst of the soul. Some people are destined to just pass by in a hurry in life.

★ In autumn, I like to stroll in the park, smell the fragrance of osmanthus, and think about how beautiful you look. I still remember that Chun Hua Qiu Shi we walked hand in hand, and today's busy days are always entangled with your steps, so that you can not approach me, can not stay with me. Look up, look up at the blue sky, there are blossoming white clouds, see the birds flying in the sky, at this time, do you know how much I envy them? I want to have a pair of wings that can fly freely and fly towards Your place.

★, snow, moon and wind, keep the west window empty. I really want to sleep in the sunny city, but come along all the way, I do not know why the years dim the purple dream. In a hurry, Jun has gone alone. It's too late to show the piano flute for Jun Le, it's too late to shed acacia and Jun Yan. Your figure locked into the wind tower, thousands of years of expectation, settled as crystal tears, slicked across the lips, and lost in the soft heart.

★, I have you all my life, along the way, bumpy one-way, seven-color rainbow flashes from the other side of the sky, I smile to tell you that the rainbow is beautiful, has the same warmth and light as you, and has been with me every day of my life. At that end, when you listened, you were excited like a naive child, and the pure voice crossed my atrium, soft and warm.

★, I can only sigh that walking into your dust is a mistake. But the fault is not on you, but on me. It was my past life that was engrossed with your affectionate gaze, and then I used the loneliness of my life to carve you and me on the Sansheng Stone. I thought that this life can be repaid, but I do not know that it is my wishful thinking that God has arranged. I thought that after all my enthusiasm was exhausted, it would be the quietest waiting to return in this life; I thought that the affection of previous lives would be the continuation of this life; I thought that all the dances were all over the city, with clothes floating Gone can take away all the coldness. But I do n’t know that fate is destined for me to embark on the destined road alone, standing on the other side of the dream, going through the vicissitudes, looking at the horizon, watching the time passing, Ren Haijiao Tianya cut off the twilight expectations, let the wind, frost, rain and snow block the obsession Long-distance sight, Ren Sehong's deep affection for thousands of years.

★, time runs out, reincarnation several times. The autumn wind is cold in the west, the autumn rain sprinkles the western window, Shaohua bears the beauty of the old, the three thousand blue silk is twilight and the snow is still engraved on you. Zeng Yuan, the prince is a linden tree, I am a night vine, holding a vine-wrapped tree; Unfortunately, this life is still passing by. Your singing and laughter just bloom for me instantly, our spring hits the horse and it hurts.

★, I am a particle of dust in the desert, and strayed into your peaceful heart lake when the wind blows. As the sun and the moon turn, the accumulation is bigger and bigger, until one day, I successfully stationed in the bottom of your heart, It can't be wiped and can't be erased. So, I was finally moved to tears by your sincerity and tenderness, and I also tried to hold up the sky of love and let the sun warm each other.

★, cold wind blowing thin thought for a while, my love is still here, do not give up, do not keep silent. I am still here, willing to make a cocoon for you, draw the ground for a prison. My dear, if today's life is destined to end our story in silence, it can be exchanged for the happiness of our next life, then I am willing to let go of this life in exchange for the cold, warm, and interdependent relationship with you. If after this life we parted, there is endless loneliness, then, dear, let us embrace each other tightly in loneliness, okay?

★, light breeze, time interlaced, no matter how capricious, stubborn, how brutal and overbearing, you still deal with me with a warm smile, tepid, not arrogant, even with a tender, watery tone, Communicating with me is so gentle and intimate. If I weren't me, would you smile like a firework, if you weren't you, I wouldn't be completely naked. Because of this, when we met, we were destined to have sparks and be dazzling.

★ 、 I want to give you happiness, but I can't enter your world. I want to trade my world for a ticket to your world, but that's just my wishful thinking. Minecraft, you don't care; your world, I am expelled. I really like you, close my eyes, thought I can forget, but the tears shed, but did not lie to myself.

★, I think that every man who loves does not want the person he loves to follow him a little bit wronged. But this idea with a common purpose and starting point often has different emotional reactions due to different themes. It may be because of men's views on love. Maybe men think that this idea to achieve this goal should come out. To yourself, not to be "thought", after all, a good-looking man will think that this is the love in his heart!

★, that touch of Xi Xiahui, in the wind of Guang Qiu Xiao Se, dyed the cold loneliness, a tear weeping, where is the wine sober? How many acacias Yannan fly, after all, the end of the world never returns. A dusty stream, whose loneliness has been lonely? Who loves Hongchen, who has subverted my expectations in this life? Why is the hand in the heaven and the earth only a broken episode?

★, a lot of old chants, a thousand years of dreaming, lonely people. Xiao Ye was slightly cold, listening to the rain on the railing, and letting the thoughts of yellowing grow. I twisted the words slowly, my tears have been broken into seven strings, and shattered the loneliness of the roller blinds who were thinner than Huang Hua. In the godless eyes, there was only the old Xiaoxiang moonlight left. For a long time, I was thinking of you in a corner of the basket, spreading all the desolation of the past, and the desolation of the candlesticks. Perhaps, this life will never stop thinking about you. Sentimental and lyrical, sorrowful sentences

★, in fact, every love will be full of trials, but do not change the appearance of love because of these trials, do not make love a tragedy, just like the test of Guangxi girls to their boyfriend, once the tragedy is brewed, everything It's late.

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